Imprints to Edinburgh Fringe

Our hit devised show from last April is going to the Edinburgh Fringe this month! It’s been retooled into a tight 1-act and will be on 15-20 August. Massive good luck to all involved, hope you have a great time spreading our creation to the world.

If you’re going to be in Edinburgh, come see us! Tickets available now

KDC Awards Night and End of Year Celebration

We’re holding the first annual KDC Awards Night on Saturday 23 July, 8pm. We’ll be handing out awards, getting together with casts from the past year, and having a good old time. 

Bored of the same-old standard awards categories? Us too. Rather than best actor, best director etc, we’re opting for awards that recognise some great moments in each show from the past year. We’ll be sharing more details and how to cast your votes in the week of the event.

If you’ve been involved in – or have seen – a KDC show in the last year, come along to cheer on the nominees as we celebrate a fabulous time spent making some great theatre together.

All the details are here

Imprints – this week

Congratulations to our Real Inspector Hound cast for a sell out run – but it’s not over! We now present Imprints, Tuesday-Saturday at Drayton Arms Theatre.

5-9 April – Drayton Arms Theatre

Tickets on sale now

“What would you do if I died?”

In the midst of all the silly questions couples ask themselves,
sometimes a serious one will settle, and take root.
What if we could answer the unanswerable?

A new comedic play exploring the frivolous glory of relationships,
the devastating grief of loss, and the healing power of support.

Devised & written by the cast and director.

Performance 5-9 April, tickets here!

The Real Inspector Hound – this week

All this week at the Barons Court Theatre – almost sold out.

Last few tickets available here Now sold out! Never mind though, there are still tickets available for next week’s play, Imprints

Spring season casts

Thanks to all our auditionees, we had a great turnout this season and it was difficult to turn away so much talent. But we have made our decisions and rehearsals have begun apace! Without further ado, our casts for this season:

The Real Inspector Hound

Moon — Julian Guassardo
Birdboot — Ben Harris
Mrs Drudge — Anna Kretschmer
Cynthia Muldoon — Steph Farrell
Felicity Cunningham — Izzy Boreham
Major Magnus — Omar Aga
Inspector Hound — Micky Gibbons
Simon Gascoyne — Neeraj Thakrar

The Heroine’s Journey

Grace Aldridge
Renata Garcia
Gabriella Guymer-Davies
Govind Hodgson
Anie Hussain
Becky Shepherdson
Freddie Wride

Our improv group have also started, and new writing competition also kicked off, we have a busy season ahead of us. Hope to see you at the performances 29 March-9 April!

Intro to Improv

We’re very pleased to announce the latest in our Building Blocks series of workshops – Introduction to Improv. Run by our very own Jess Rogers, it’s an 8 week course covering all the basics, which you’ll be developing along with a small group. If you’ve ever wanted to get into improvisation, or want to brush up on your skills again, or just to play (I think of it as the theatrical equivalent of a musical jam session…), this is for you. You don’t need any previous experience, of course.

All the details are here, with email address for signing up.

Auditions for spring season shows

Auditions for the shows continue on Thursday 27th – see audition information for details

Auditions ahoy!

So many nice things, I cannot take it!

Hello good people of 2022 – it’s time to kick off a new year with some new show auditions! First up, we have a classic in The Real Inspector Hound, an absurdist comedy by the always-hilarious Tom Stoppard. Alongside that we will also be making a devised show, The Heroine’s Journey, a story of loss and rebuilt connection. Auditions are on 24 & 27 January, you only need to come to one evening and you can audition for both on the same evening. Please take a covid test before you come and wear a mask. Full details here:

But before all that, come meet the directors, hear about the shows, and have any questions you might have answered. Oh, and have a lovely lovely pint with us. Season Launch is Tuesday 18 January from 7pm, in the bar at Theatre Deli Broadgate. See you then!

Happy New Year!

A warm new year’s greetings from the KDC team – we’re right now putting the final touches to this season’s announcement. In the meantime, a little throwback extract from our Spring ’21 show “Zoomed Out”. Mercutio is phoning Romeo, to get him to come out and party…

A night out for the New Year?