4th annual New Writing competition

It’s time again for Full Stack, our yearly invite to writers experienced and new to get our their keyboards and start a-tapping! We’re looking for very short scripts for an anthology show in the summer, so please get your thinking caps on, we want to see your fantastic ideas. The theme for this year’s show will be

Writing on the Wall

The format is designed to encourage simplicity and efficiency of story telling, so submissions need to be

  • No longer than 4 sides of A4 paper (ie about 8 minutes)
  • No more than 3 actors needed

It can be shorter than 4 pages, and have more than 3 characters (as long as 3 actors can portray them all). You can also submit as many scripts as you like.

Please send your scripts to newwriting@kdctheatre.com, by 22 March. Good hunting!

Cast lists

Congratulations to our new crop of actors, and thanks to everyone who came to the auditions. Here are our Spring Season casts:


Zeppo – Nick Fraser
Ollie – Emma Miles
Fay – Milly Walters
Gale – Anna Kretschmer
Moe – Tom Ryder
Charlie – Joe Callanan
Keaton – Anie Hussan

Rules For Living

Matthew – David Hepburn
Carrie – Emma Robson
Sheena – Sarah Beebe
Adam – James Cross
Edith – Josephine Mason
Francis – Stephen Reimer

Snatch & Merkin

Sapphire Samiullah
Lenia Korma
Peadar Donnelly
Vikash Kawa
Douglas Badder
Danielle Keene
Maura Murphy
Sofía García

Spring auditions this week

Sad post-Christmas? Ready for a new challenge? Join up with KDC this term for our new projects, auditions Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings at Broadgate Theatre Deli. They are free and you can audition for all projects on a single evening.

Audition Information

Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Skriker is no longer being produced by KDC this season.

Spring season launch

Ready to kick off the new year with a new part? Then it’s time to get involved with KDC’s fresh new batch of productions. To get the inside scoop, come to the Season Launch.

When? Sunday 5th January, 4pm
Where? Hoop & Grapes pub, 80 Farringdon Street
Why? Hear from the directors, find out all about auditions and meet KDC newbies and regulars.

Grab a drink from the bar and pull up a pew among some friendly faces. 
Top tip: read the audition notices if you can’t wait to find out more.

Audition info: Pomona, Rules for Living, Snatch & Merkin

All that Christmas period gorging has settled down now, are you ready to get involved in building something in the new year? Kick the new season off with our season launch party to hear from the directors, followed by auditions the following week. You can audition for all 3 shows on any single night, so whatddya waiting for? Get that new year resolution in action and make some theatre 🙂

Find out more at the season launch party, Sunday 5th January, 4pm, Hoop & Grapes pub in Farringdon.

Pomona by Alistair McDowell

Directed by Tom Cunningham

Rules for Living by Sam Holcroft

Directed by Duncan Moore

Snatch & Merkin

Directed by Anna Markland

Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Skriker is no longer being produced by KDC this season.

Upcoming auditions, open to all!

Auditions: 7, 8, 9 January 2020, 6:40pm
Theatre Deli – Broadgate Studios

Pomona by Alistair McDowell

Directed by Tom Cunningham

Ollie has come to Manchester to look for her missing twin sister. There, she finds out about the mysterious place Pomona – a seemingly abandoned space in the centre of the city. What dark secrets is Pomona hiding? This dark play blends elements of horror, sci-fi and tabletop RPGs into a brilliantly written story that explores the claustrophobia and extremes of modern city life.

Rules for Living by Sam Holcroft

Directed by Duncan Moore

It starts out simple and descends into madness…. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without sprouts, presents, a game or two and a good old family argument. And this is what you get in Sam Holcroft’s brilliantly funny comedy, Rules for Living.

Sibling rivalries, suppressed resentments, jealousy and secrets are just some of the things that must remain hidden as a family gets together for Christmas.

And also, our devised project: 

Snatch & Merkin

Directed by Anna Markland & Dean Reilly

Funny. Futuristic. Feminist. Film Noir.
These are the building blocks that the cast & creatives will use to write a new piece via a playful process combining improvisation and devising techniques. We will focus on exploring the core themes of the work (technologically advanced sex toys, 21st century villains, GenZ feminism), and combining their elements into a dark comedy.

Find out more at the season launch party, 5th January, 4pm, Hoop & Grapes pub in Farringdon.

Christmas Quiz

Many congratulations to Animal Farm for their run last week. Some photos at the bottom of the page.

Next up – the annual KDC Christmas Quiz. Come one and all, bring your most colourful jumpers (if you like) and take part in some silliness at the Hoop & Grapes pub in Farringdon, 10 December, from 7:30pm. All welcome! Prizes will be extremely cheap!

KDC Christmas Quiz

See you there!

Animal Farm

Animal Farm – this week

This week at the Barons Court Theatre, Tuesday-Saturday, Animal Farm.

A rebellion is being planned – the animals are taking over the asylum. Well, the farm. With song and bloodshed the suppressed successfully manage to overthrow the tyrannical overlords, to create a utopia of equality and prosperity. What could go wrong?

Book your tickets now as we’re running out! Tickets can be reserved here: 020 8932 4747.
Please note this is a cash only box office.

All the details here

‘Tis Pity – selling fast, don’t miss!

“Can you get me a ticket??”

Two nights of sell-out audiences for our fabulous ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore… grab your tickets quick or miss out! Ends Saturday!

“Wait – you’re telling me I might not see it?”
Will provide drinks for a seat