Privacy Policy

Introduction This policy sets out how we collect, process and hold your personal data if you visit our event ticket shop or otherwise provide personal data to us, such as by signing up to the weekly showdown. We are KDC Theatre of Apt 16642, Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro, TR4 8UN. We are the data … Continue reading “Privacy Policy”

Future Imperfect – The Scripts

After reading the 164 entries to our writing submission for Future Imperfect we have a list of scripts that have been chosen to be in the show. The standards have been so high and we’ve had a greater number of participants to last year. A massive congratulations to everyone that took part in the writing challenge! Writer – … Continue reading “Future Imperfect – The Scripts”

Audition FAQ

Ahead of our auditions for Future Imperfect, we have a handy FAQ of information. Want to act in the show? Auditions will take place Monday 23rd – Wednesday 25th April at Clean Break (2 Patshull Rd, London NW5 2LB) from 6.45 – 9pm each night, with recalls at the same venue on Sunday 29th (Invite … Continue reading “Audition FAQ”

Othello Director’s Note

Duncan Moore writes: My introduction to Othello was walking into the living room where my older brother was watching a TV broadcast of a stage production. Onscreen was scene 5.2, in which Othello kills Desdemona. At the time I was a lippy, anti-Shakespeare teenager and so I merely dissed the production and did not admit … Continue reading “Othello Director’s Note”

Othello Cast Biographies

Billy Knowles – Roderigo This is Billy’s fourth production with KDC after appearing in Stags & Hens, Bones and most recently Den of Thieves. Previous shows include The Magnetic Lady, Boom Bang-a-Bang, Bacchus In Rehab, Amore the Merrier and Shopping & F***ing at the Edinburgh Fringe. Billy has also performed in several shows with ARC … Continue reading “Othello Cast Biographies”

Upcoming auditions

Future Imperfect: KDC’s summer show is the return of last summer’s new writing success, What Keeps Me Awake, with the same format and a new theme. Until the end of March 2018, writers from across the globe are submitting short plays written for KDC. Writers have only two words to guide them, the title: Future … Continue reading “Upcoming auditions”