Hans, the Witch and the Gobbin

KDC Theatre presents Alan Cullen’s “Hans, the Witch and the Gobbin”

21 – 25 November 2023
at Barons Court Theatre

Tickets: £16.50 (KDC members £12)


Hans, the Witch and the Gobbin by Alan Cullen is a fun fairytale frolic through a fantasy forest. It has princesses, witches, forest queens, goblin-like creatures, fairy swineherds, and useless court physicians. Expect silly voices, big characters, and mistaken identities. Come and escape a cold autumn night for a few hours, and forget your troubles!

While the show is suitable for all ages, we judge it’s best enjoyed by an adult audience, glass of wine in hand.

Hans – Theo Tompkins
Princess Alicia – Mhairi Boyle
Castor – James Cross
Senna – Dan Struthers
King Rufus – Peader Donnelly
Scratch – Georgina Whittaker
Daisy – Sarah Beebe
Crabtree – Alice McCartney
Sylvester – Simon Berry
Queen of the Forest – Sarah Jost
Gobbin – Hannah Brown

Director – Gabriella Guymer-Davies
Assistant Director – Freddie Wride
Stage Manager – Flick Hemming

Poster by Jake Guymer-Davies

Venue: Barons Court Theatre