Future Imperfect – The Scripts

After reading the 164 entries to our writing submission for Future Imperfect we have a list of scripts that have been chosen to be in the show. The standards have been so high and we’ve had a greater number of participants to last year. A massive congratulations to everyone that took part in the writing challenge!

Writer – Play

Ken Preuss – What’s App-ening
Helen Jackson – Welcome to Future Imperfect
Rachael Carnes – Ill Comes Forth
Catrin Fflûr Huws – The cream coloured clock by the bed by the door
Matt Beames – Moving Day
Rex McGregor – Pseudo Human Resources
Pete Barrett – Not a lot we can do about that party
Ian Green – Raven 2.0
Helen Jackson – Lucy
Danielle Florence – Dancercourse
Pete Barrett – The Crime Sympathy Unit
Ken Preuss – Taking Sum Lumps
Scott Mullen – Wednesday