Well Dressed Cast Biographies

Headshot - Nick Tim – Nick Edwards
Nick is appearing in his 6th KDC production and wonders if this makes him something of a stalwart? Other productions have been Bones, Six Degrees of Separation, Stags and Hens, Disappeared and Casual Encounters. By day, Nick is a maths teacher in an academy in Wembley but loves the escapism that acting brings to pretend that his life is not just equations, quadratic formulas and pi r squared.

Headshot - LucySophia – Lucy Theobald
After stealing the show as donkey seller no.2 in a school nativity Lucy thought she should exercise my talents further. Since then she has performed as a tree, a ninety year old grandma, a middle aged northern Irish school teacher, a teenage boy, a goat, a troll and wallpaper. She moved from Devon to London this year and is delighted to be in Well Dressed with KDC.

Headshot - RichardSebastian – Richard Canal
Richard is an amateur in a quasi-Buddhist search for any smidge of talent within–acting has provided an excuse for him to not shut his damn mouth! He used to be an acting major over in the Colonies (‘Murica)–where he is half-from (the other half being Spain, from which he has unfortunately NOT inherited the sexy accent)–until he decided to come to London to study International Human Rights at Regent’s University. (P.S.: He’s notoriously a ham. Apologies.)

Headshot-BillyPeter – Billy Murphy
This is Billy’s first production with KDC. During the day Billy works in advertising and this is his first piece of acting in several years. Fortunately his natural flair for getting into awkward situations has meant that relating to the role of Peter was not too much of a stretch.


Headshot - RebekahClarissa – Rebekah Daven Watson
A proud Northern lass who still harbours dreams of becoming the Milky Bar kid, she has yet to realise that he’s a he and considerably younger than she is. Well Dressed will be her second production with KDC.


Headshot - AnnetteLauren – Annette Bette Kellow
Annette is a dancer from Devon specialising in burlesque. Unfortunately they weren’t too keen on the art form on the farm so she ditched her wellies and moved away to work in the theatre.  She also studied writing, and has since been working in both careers in London.


Headshot - JamesRich – James Laing
James is embarking on his second show with KDC after appearing in The Lying Kind in 2012. Unlike in that show he keeps all his clothes on in this one and this should contribute to a much more pleasurable viewing experience for all; for the audience, the cast and the whole crew. Enjoy!


Headshot - HelenHenrietta – Helen Jackson
Helen caught the performing bug at a young age when she wowed a captive audience of 30 reception class children with her performance of Bananarama’s Guilty, complete with self-choreographed dance moves. She has treaded the boards with KDC on numerous occasions and has previously flexed her (melo)dramatic muscles in A Clockwork Orange, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Tamer Tamed, Electra and Blood Wedding.